​Supporting Wellness Is What We Do

 Everyone gets Mom things for her little one...  Help Mom get the Prenatal and Postpartum support she needs to both prepare and recover from birth and the postpartum period.  From organizing meal plans to postpartum doula care or massage, there are many ways you can help new mamas get the care they deserve. Click below for more information about our Baby Shower Ideas & Specials!  

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East Providence, Rhode Island

Company Wellness Packages

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New Mom in your life?  

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Partner Massage Series A-  Do you love massage and wish you could give and receive it more often with the ones you love?  This 2 week class series just for you! Participants will learn a variety of massage techniques and theory to fortify and nurture each other through mindful touch. Massage doesn't have to be work! Learn some tricks to make massage more fun for you and more effective for the one you are gifting. Class is open to all. Bring a friend, your partner, or a parent! 

 Please reach out with any questions you may have!

​Partner Massage & Acupressure for Birth - This workshop will provide expecting parents with tools for coping in labor through the use of partner supported movement and touch.  Learn which acupressure points can be helpful for calming nerves, relieving pain, and encouraging the baby to come down. This class will help moms and partners gain confidence and practice the tools they will need come Labor day ;)  Come learn the power of nurturing touch.  You'll be glad you did.   

Please Contact interwovencare@gmail.com to register for the next session.

But Self Care Begins With You​

With so many people working spending so much time sitting, be it at work, in the car, or hunched over our laptops reading our emails, most of us suffer from a chronic tightness through the front body that causes strain and pain in our backs, necks and shoulders.  Bring Wellness To Work!  Let us help you build your wellness program for your employee needs. Combine Yoga classes, chair massage, and postural assessment services to help support your employees health and wellness. 

Interwoven Care

Massage Therapy & Therapeutic Movement

Interwoven Care has joined together with a team of providers at Open Circle: Education and Wellness for Growing Families in East Providence RI.

Come visit the studio for Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Prenatal & Postpartum Mom & Baby Yoga, Childbirth Education, Belly Dancing, World Dance, Professional Photography and so much more.