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Interwoven Care has a home base with in Open Circle: Education and Wellness for Growing Families in East Providence RI.

Come visit the studio for Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Prenatal & Postpartum Mom & Baby Yoga, Childbirth Education, Belly Dancing, World Dance, Professional Photography and so much more.  

We provide comprehensive in home care and doula-delivered meals to families before, during and after birth.  Our mobile care team is made of of Midwives, Nurses, Nutritionists, Doulas, Doctors, and a variety of holistic care practitioners who serve families in their home, so they can focus on healing and bonding.  This year, we are scaling up to reach more families with care that makes a difference.  Interested to learn more or join our integrated care team?  Reach out! We'd love to talk. 



​Healing Postpartum

Our Food Delivery Service & Mobile Care Team will help you stay home to focus on healing after birth or loss.