Jessica has spent the last decade learning a variety of earth, life, and healing skills to help define for herself what it meant to be human and lead a healthy, wholesome life. Along this exploration, she discovered the importance of creating strong communities and connection to the earth that sustains us. A Bachelor of Science in Behavior and Health and a focus in birth, breath and bodywork has come together to create Interwoven Care, and soon a community based home of healing we are calling, The Tapestry.  Jesse has been showing up for women and families in her capacity as a full spectrum doula and is committed to being part of the wave of change needed to create healthy sustainable communities. Her personal journey into motherhood and the perinatal mood complications that colored her entry, further exposed and personalized the gaps in care experienced by so many women. Jesse is committed to creating an ecosystem of support for women, their families, the professionals who support them and the communities they are intimately apart of.  We heal and grow together. Let’s make spaces for that.

Micaela Foley is a certified clinical herbalist and writer. She attended ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City and Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine in Northern California. Micaela is trained in both Western herbalism and energetic herbalism, incorporating both into her practice to address the entirety of clients’ beings. Her writing work on herbalism and creative literature can be found in various publications such as The Alchemist’s Kitchen, Reality Sandwich, Shape, mindbodygreen, The Recluse, The Poetry Project, harlequin creature, Witch Journal, Firebird Arts, wmn magazine, & Canto della Sirena, among others. Her herbal work is focused on accessibility, community healing, and issues of social justice while her writing aims to be holistic; an attempt to interweave the scientific, political, spiritual, poetic, ancestral and contemporary. 

Having grown up in Southern Rhode Island, Elyse was raised with the outdoors being her playground, classroom, and place of peace and serenity. With discovering Ayurveda in 2010, she now takes her deep appreciation of Nature and applies the wisdom of Ayurveda to bring balance to her mind, body, and health. Elyse truly believes that 'It takes a village' to raise a family and it is her passion to fully support the family unit as a whole and as unique individuals. Her love of children and babies with her dharma to support and strengthen women is the creative force behind her doula and post-birth care.  Elyse’s dream is to vitalize and illuminate the community by sharing her love of cooking local and seasonal foods, guided mediation, and yoga asana based on the students current needs. Her mission is to make yoga and true health accessible for all. 

Aviva Luz Argote’s passions center on inspiring professional and personal resilience, modeling authentic leadership, and developing cross-cultural competency. As Faculty Director for the Institute for Nonprofit Practice (INP), she brings her experience facilitating dialog, creating generative workplace cultures and weaving relationships among diverse stakeholders. Her experience as an independent consultant focuses on social sector leadership curriculum design and delivery, and enhancing nonprofit board strategies. Before joining INP, she directed Harvard University’s Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations where she managed global civil society research teams, and taught courses on strategic financial management, collaborative team design, and fundraising. Aviva’s prior professional experience includes work with the RAND Corporation, Los Angeles County, and Coro leadership centers.  Aviva holds an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School. She resides, builds community and homeschools her two children in Cambridge, MA with her husband.

Melodie’s passions and offerings weave into many areas of Women’s Health. Her journey began as a Licensed Massage Therapist 7 years ago and continues to expand. She offers bodywork for women in all stages of life, focusing on the perinatal period and postpartum. Her postpartum bodywork is designed to truly nurture and nourish a new mother aiding her back to her most vital self. She has studied in Thailand with a traditional midwife for a specific treatments healing the womb postpartum. Melodie offers services at a birth and postpartum doula to the community. Her postpartum training was rooted in Ayurvedic healing focusing on healing foods, herbs, bodywork and meditations for a new parent. She has been passionately studying folk herbalism in southern VT for the past year which she also brings into the prenatal and postpartum stage. Her bodywork and herbal support can be directed towards a woman experiencing ailments around their menstrual cycle as well. Melodie knows each body has the power to heal itself and she is honored to work as a tool for it to do so. She wants to empower each client throughout their journey. 
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   ​Jessica Rosene de Brito BS, LMT, CBE             


      Belita Marine RN   Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

Elyse Wilkie RYT, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Ayruvedic Nutrition Support        

                      Shay Costa  Postpartum Doula, Lactation & Childbirth Ed Support, Babywearing Ed & Consultantion

Melodie Fallon  LMT, Postpartum Ayruvedic Doula Care,  Herbalist       

                      Aviva Luz Argote MPA     Facilitator, Advisory Board Member

Micaela Foley   Executive Assistant, Herbalist, Educator & Writer    

Belita Marine is a Registered Nurse and Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner with experience working with a wide range of health conditions for men and women of all ages; specializing in preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum health. Belita is passionate about using food as medicine and all aspects of holistic living. Before moving to Rhode Island with her partner and young daughter, she split her time working as a nutrition therapy practitioner with an integrative functional medicine practice and a home visiting nurse for new mothers and babies in Colorado. Belita is passionate about helping people find the root cause of illness and illuminating the path that will allow the body to restore balance and health. She believes that each of our bodies has the wisdom and ability to heal. Belita believes that you are the expert on your body and would be honored to be a resource, guide, and coach along your unique healing journey. By designing a holistic lifestyle that will fit your unique situation, Belita will help you move toward true health and wellness.

Cared for Mothers,      Cared for Families,    Stronger,   Healthier Communities

Shay is a local consultant and educator for the wearable baby carrier. Babywearing and the community it brings was integral in the process of recovery and healing after the birth of her second child. Shay volunteers for the local babywearing group and is the CEO of Carrier Connections RI that brings babywearing awareness, education and access to the city of Providence and surrounding areas. She is the mother of two children lovingly referred to as her royals, a doula, maternal child health specialist, and lactation and childbirth educator. Shay was born and for the most part raised in Providence, RI and accordingly is a lover of autumn, Dunkin and connecting with other caregivers in her neighborhood.