Founder, Jessica Rosene LMT, B.S. has a diverse background in health science, massage therapy, alignment-based yoga, full-spectrum doula support and both childbirth and lactation education.  She weaves together her skills as an educator, community organizer, and family advocate to bring you Interwoven Care: Dynamic Threads of Support. Let's weave the village around new families. 

Cared for Mothers,

Cared for Families,

Stronger, Healthier Communities.

About Me

My path into reproductive advocacy began in 2008 after reading Bridgett Jordan’s “Birth in Four Cultures: A Cross Cultural Examination of Childbirth in the Yucatan, Sweden, Holland and the United States.” I was surprised about the many ways people perceived and practiced birth around the world.   I was stunned by what I learned was considered the  "normal" standard of care in my country. I was outraged to discover that the trends and outcomes in maternal and infant mortality were actually getting worse here, not better. In comparison with other systems and standards around the world, our model was clearly not up to par.  Reading this first medical anthropology was a huge shake up of assumptions I had never thought to question about the medical model. I got woke to the injustice happening in our system, to the injustice happening in our communities, to the injustice happening like clockwork regularly to our birthing mothers and families. I became motivated to get educated and find ways to make a difference in my community. I became motivated to figure out how to be a part of the solution.

At the onset, my most basic question was 'what is health?'  This query led me to the rolling hills of Vermont where I learned about growing and cooking food, working with animals, building community, and the elusive importance of loving and caring for your Self.  Since then I have gone on to explore the power of the mind-body connection, Self-compassion, and mindful living through the teaching and study of alignment-based yoga, massage therapy, and presence.  Most recently, I have focused my efforts to provide direct physical and emotional support to families as both a perinatal bodyworker and full-spectrum doula.  

Unfortunately, many people feel a tremendous amount of pressure to strive toward an image of perfection that is simply unattainable.  From the ways we dress and care for our bodies to the things we do and say many women (and men) are troubled by a relentless sense of judgement found in seemingly innocent comments about our behaviors and choices.  In all of the work I do, both as an educator and advocate, I bring an awareness of this intense pressure to ensure my clients, colleagues and friends feel a deep sense of support.  In my work with our community, I try to encourage self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-care.  No one is perfect. We are all imperfect humans striving and struggling alongside one another- each filled with a diversity of thought, perspective, and experience. This is the underpinning of my work. This is the context of Interwoven Care.

What Support Looks Like

As a birth doula, I offer physical and emotional support to women and their birth partners throughout the entirety of their labor.  After an interview together, clients who choose to work with me have access to unlimited phone support as well as several prenatal and postpartum home visits.  Together, we work to identify specific needs, preferences and goals for the coming birth and postpartum period.  This helps parents feel empowered and prepared to cope with challenges that might arise during and after labor.

As a postpartum doula, I support families in the tender weeks and months following the birth of their brand new baby.  Newborn care in the first few weeks can be a struggle for anyone.  Frequent sleepless nights and the ongoing demands of newborn care can be overwhelming.  Postpartum doula care offers families skilled support during this incredible life transition.   Depending on each families needs, your postpartum doula can provide in home massage therapy, private yoga therapies, lactation guidance and resources, newborn care techniques and tools, overnight support so you can get more sleep and new this year: Our Home Delivered Care Plans which weave together postpartum meals for optimal healing, and access to a variety of healing modalities, delivered right to your home.  Together we will determine what your families needs are and make a plan that suits your unique situation.