About Interwoven Care

Founder, Jessica Rosene LMT, B.S. has a diverse background in health science, massage therapy, alignment-based yoga, full-spectrum doula support and both childbirth and lactation education.  She weaves together her skills as an educator, community organizer, and reproductive advocate to bring you Interwoven Care: Dynamic Threads of Support.

In an effort to expand access to care, Interwoven Care aims to begin accepting insurance for doula care once that becomes an option in Rhode Island.  Until then, doula care will be offered on a sliding scale to ensure greater access to services. In addition, IWC provides bodywork on an income based sliding scale. We encourage you to email us for more details at:  interwovencare@gmail.com

Cared for Mothers,

Cared for Families,

Stronger Communities.

​Supporting Wellness Is What We Do

We've Moved!!
Interwoven Care has opened it's doors alongside Open Circle: Wellness and Education for Growing Families. 

Our new address is: 
410 North Broadway Street

East Providence, RI


We are excited to have a beautiful new studio space for yoga, dance, video showings, women's circles, childbirth education, and community connection of all kinds.  

Open House & Photos Coming Soon!

About Me

While I offer yoga and massage to the general public, I specialize in reproductive education and full-spectrum doula support.  My path into reproductive advocacy began in 2008 after reading Bridgett Jordan’s “Birth in Four Cultures: A Cross Cultural Examination of Childbirth in the Yucatan, Sweden, Holland and the United States.” I was shocked at what I learned and became motivated to get educated and make a difference in our community. 

A lifelong interest in promoting wholesome wellbeing has since led me to become an alignment-based yoga teacher, a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Full-Spectrum Doula and now a community advocate and perinatal educator. I am trained in childbirth and lactation education, pregnancy massage, and both birth and postpartum doula care. (DONA ,CAPPA, BACE)  

Through my studies I've learned that health is a broad and complicated intersection where social, physical, and emotional factors come together and interact.  Unfortunately, many women feel a tremendous amount of pressure to strive toward an image of perfection that is simply unattainable.  From the ways we dress and care for our bodies to the things we do and say, many girls, women, and new mothers, are troubled by a relentless sense of judgement found in seemingly innocent comments about our behaviors and choices.  In pregnancy and parenting, this feeling can quickly amplify and frustrate us. In all of the work I do, both as an educator and advocate, I bring an awareness of this intense pressure to ensure my clients, colleagues and friends feel a deep sense of support.  In our studio hangs a sign, declaring our shared space a judgement-free zone.  In my work with our community, I try to encourage self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-care.  No one is prefect. We are all humans and filled with a beautiful diversity of thought, perspective, and experience.  Once we arrive in that truth, it gets a whole lot easier to be happy, breathe deeply, and live well.  This is the underpinning of my work.

As a birth doula, I offer physical and emotional support to women and their birth partners throughout the entirety of their labor.  After an interview together, clients who choose to work with me have access to unlimited phone support as well as several prenatal and postpartum home visits.  Together, clients and I work to identify their specific needs, preferences and goals for birth.  This helps parents feel empowered and prepared to cope with challenges that might arise during labor or the postpartum period.

As a postpartum doula, I support families in the tender weeks and months following the birth of their brand new baby.  Newborn care in the first few weeks can be a struggle for anyone.  Frequent sleepless nights and the ongoing demands of a newborn can be overwhelming.  Postpartum doula care offers families skilled support during this incredible life transition.   Depending on each families needs, as your postpartum doula, I can provide massage, lactation guidance, newborn care techniques, overnight support, delicious home-cooked meals, as well as help with laundry, light cleaning and errands. Together we determine what your families needs are, even as they change.

Honoring all stages and outcomes of our reproductive lives, Interwoven Care offers circles, classes, doula care and bodywork. No matter the outcome of your story, each stage, chapter, and experience is unique and important to recognize.   Change, transition and loss can be overwhelming. We may feel isolated and unsure of where to turn. No one must walk that road alone.  With compassion and understanding for every person's situation, I offer non-judgmental support and community resources that may be helpful. Whatever your reproductive story becomes, know that you are welcome here, just as you are.