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75 minute  -  $104
90 minute  -  $125
120 minute -  $167

Mother Massage:  Prenatal & Postpartum Rebalancing    75-90 minutes

As a doula, massage therapist, and childbirth educator, Jesse understands the incredible changes women experience during the perinatal years. It can be physically, emotionally and logistically intense! Regular bodywork can make a huge difference in reducing stress and creating a sense of calm through self care.  

Set yourself up for success by nurturing the woman behind the baby!


​​ Package Deals 

75 minute Massage Package 

   3  pack for $281

   5  pack for $458

   10 Pack for $936


Five Star Family Favorite (10+3)

Consists of 10 postpartum support hours plus 3 complete massage treatments. These integrated bodywork sessions help moms relax, replenish, and rebalance during the perinatal period.   These treatments can be used prenatally, postpartum, and potentially even during labor.*   $579  

(Valued between $637-$725) 


* Each woman, pregnancy, labor and postpartum period is entirely unique. All packages are customized to meet each family’s needs and preferences.

Credit is non refundable, but may be used toward other IWC services.

Massage & PP Doula Package

5-Star Family Favorite - $579

(see below for details)

Service Details 

*​ perinatal (adjective) : occurring in the time before, during or after birth.

Rebalancing Breath & Body Work          75-120 minutes

Brings you deeper into relaxation through coordinated breathing, bodywork, and restorative postures when appropriate.  Blending swedish massage, yoga and aromatherapy, this session is a signature treatment of Interwoven Care. 

Floor work is available upon request.

Spoil Me Right Massage & Hydrotherapy* Special      90-120 minutes

This session is indulgently pampering and incredibly therapeutic all at once.  After a relaxing massage, the last thing you want to do is to rush off the table. No need to-stay a while and receive the benefits of a restorative semi-reclined herbal foot bath, an uplifting cup of tea, and detailed massage of the hands, feet, scalp or face. (Standard rates do not apply)​​

*Hydrotherapy uses the amazing healing properties of water to facilitate and often expedite healing.  New and old injuries can benefit tremendously through the use of cold and heat therapies.  Inquire for more details to see if your nagging aches and pains might be a good fit.


Deep & Dynamic Massage Therapy         75-120 minutes

This treatment offers an integrative approach to addressing injuries, stiffness and chronic tension patterns. Techniques and tools vary from session to session based on what works for your body. These may include hot stones, warm towels, facial unwinding, hydrotherapy* and more.

Standard Rates

Baby Shower Blessings 

Baby showers are sweet, but often fall short of supporting the Mother beyond material needs.  Growing a baby, giving birth and becoming a parent is hard and stressful work! The truth is, new families often don't have the postpartum support they need.  Help your expectant Mama avoid postpartum depletion by setting her up for success before and after birth.    Consider inviting guests to contribute toward Mom's continued care by investing in her health and wellbeing.  Interwoven Care is offering a variety of "Mothering the Mother" Perinatal Packages to help guide new families through this big transition.

Plan your  Babymoon! 

Organize a meal train. 

Build your postpartum plan.

Know your community resources.

Please contact for more information about planning ahead for success. We look forward to hearing from you.

 Mothering the Mother Perinatal* Packages

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90 minutes Massage Package

  3 pack  for  $337

  5 pack  for  $556

  10 pack for $1100