*​ perinatal (adjective) : occurring in the time before, during or after birth.

Postpartum Massage & Doula Services 

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Prenatal Massage Services & Descriptions

Massage Therapy   

Partner Massage Class 

No Experience Necessary 

  • Therapeutic Massage for Injury & Stress
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Massage 
  • Acupressure for Labor Induction
  • Deep Tissue & Sports Massage
  • Drift Away Swedish 

60 minute  -  $90

75 minute  -  $110
90 minute  -  $125
120 minute -  $167

​Home Visits Add $25

Partner Massage Series A  

 Do you love massage and wish you could give and receive it more often with the ones you love?  This 2 week class series just for you! Participants will learn a variety of massage techniques and theory to fortify and nurture each other through mindful touch. Massage doesn't have to be work! Learn some tricks to make massage more fun for you and more effective for the one you are gifting. Class is open to all. Bring a friend, your partner, or a parent! Questions?  

Meal Service & Dynamic Care Plan  Interwoven Care has been providing postpartum support to families all across New England for several years.  We've learned that feeding mothers nourishing food is probably the single most important thing we can do to help.   Between a new baby's constant, shifting needs, long sleepless nights, and never ending diaper changes, the idea of preparing food can be anxiety producing at best.  Having warm meals delivered to your door can help eliminate some of the burden of this incredibly demanding time.  Mother Bear Meals are designed to meet the nutritional needs of new mothers, using traditional healing foods and home delivered wellness therapies, such as massage, yoga, acupuncture and chiropractic as needed.  Each family will complete an intake survey to help determine their unique care plan. 

Please email interwovencare@gmail.com for more information.

Postnatal Rebalancing Bodywork
As a doula, massage therapist, and childbirth educator, Jesse understands the physical strain pregnancy and birth can have on the body. Postnatal Massage includes specific work to help relieve the tired arms and kinked necks of mommas.  Rebuilding a woman's structural integrity after pregnancy and birth is essential to her long term wellness.  Jesse blends yoga teachings into her bodywork sessions to help mommas discover the ways they can adjust their positioning to protect and strengthen their bodies again. 

NEW MOMS:  LET US COME TO YOU!  No really, you stay there!  Home Visits are available during the first six weeks. 

Becoming a mother can be physically, emotionally and logistically intense! Regular bodywork can make a huge difference in reducing stress and creating a sense of calm through self care. 

 In a pinch with childcare?   IWC is committed to making our services more accessible for families. Please ask about options.  Don't let another day go by without filling your cup back up.   An empty cup has nothing left to give..                 


Prenatal and Postpartum Resources

Baby showers are sweet, but often fall short of supporting the Mother beyond material needs.  Growing a baby, giving birth and becoming a parent is hard and stressful work! The truth is, new families often don't have the postpartum support they need.  Help your expectant Mama avoid postpartum depletion by setting her up for success before and after birth.    Consider inviting guests to contribute toward Mom's continued care by investing in her health and wellbeing.  Here are some great resources to consider.  

Acupressure for Labor Induction  Acupressure is an amazing tool for birthing families.  Specific points can be  used to help stimulate labor in a mother who is full term.  Some points are even helpful for reducing the pain experienced during contractions.  Come in for a complete 90minute treatment or sign up for a private tutorial with your birth partner.

Pregnancy Massage Prenatal massage is a great way to reduce stress and attend to the incredible changes in mom's body. From sore feet to stuck ribs and low back pain, massage therapy can help ease tension in mother's minds and bodies, providing valuable support to better cope with discomfort and discover nourishing relief.

Birth Doula Support  Take Action and get the support you deserve during this incredible life transition. Interwoven Care takes time to prepare each family for their birth and arrival of their child.  IWC Doulas weave together the physical mechanics of birth with mindfulness and touch to create the most supportive environment for you, your baby, and your whole team.  Interested to know more?  Send us an email at interwovencare@gmail.com

​​Partner Massage & Acupressure for Birth  This workshop will provide expecting parents with tools for coping in labor through the use of partner supported movement and touch.  Learn which acupressure points can be helpful for calming nerves, relieving pain, and encouraging the baby to come down. This class will help moms and partners gain confidence and practice the tools they will need come Labor day ;)  Come learn the power of nurturing touch.  You'll be glad you did.